Seal is a sensation singing Standards in Scotland

From the second Seal swaggered onto the stage, clicking his fingers as the big band played the opening chords for Luck Be a Lady, everyone in the audience knew they were in for a treat.

Red flags...should be flying for potential puppy owners if they are ever asked to pick up their new pet from a car park. So its best to Adopt, Dont Shop. (Pic: Courtesy of the SSPCA)

Readers can help improve animal welfare in Scotland

The Environment Minister, MSP Roseanna Cunningham, has asked our readers to have their say on the public consultation to regulate and license animal sanctuaries and rehoming centres in Scotland.

On the street...and in classes across Scotland, No Knives, Better Lives positive message has witnessed an 80 per cent reduction in young people carrying knives.

Scotland is a role model for the UK on knife crime

Scotland is leading the way in tackling knife crime and is now being held up as a role model for others to follow.

Just walking the proven to improve your health, as dog walkers are usually fitter and healthier than people who don't go walkies with man's best friend!

Simple changes could reduce your cancer risk

It’s World Cancer Day on Sunday, February 4, but are there steps you can take right now to safeguard against the dreaded disease?

Sound commemorate Armistice Day centenary in November 2018, composer Martin Suckling is looking for readers help to sample church bells across Scotland.

Record your church bells for new Scottish composition

Readers are being asked to help create a new classical music composition to commemorate the centenary of armistice in November 2018.

Stop being a stick in the mud...and get down and dirty in it when Tough Mudder returns to Drumlanrig Castle on June 16 and June 17 this year. (Pic: Robert Perry)

Make Scottish charities your New Year resolution

Losing weight, getting in shape, finally packing in the fags. All very worthwhile resolutions to make and keep this year.

A party at Stirling Castle marked 100 years of the Boys Brigade's Junior Section

Boys’ Brigade Scotland director John Sharp spoke to Kirsty Paterson about how – and why – the organisation is so proud to be celebrating 100 years of the Junior section this year.

If you know a member of the Boys’ Brigade – and as one of Scotland’s largest youth organisations, the chances are you will – you might have noticed them baking a giant cake, planting 100 bulbs or learning to play marbles.

Scotlands woodlands are ideal places for recharging batteries and increasing exercise levels.

Green spaces good for health

Scotland’s woodlands are the ideal places to help improve health and well-being as autumn continues and winter approaches, according to Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES).

Happier times...Craig and Fiona celebrating Christmas 2010 with their much-cherished first child, Robert.

Sepsis awareness fight taken to Scottish Parliament

FEAT chairman Craig Stobo speaks to Julie Currie about the necessity for a public awareness campaign on the life-threatening condition sepsis.

Heritage Awareness Day aims to bring us face to face with our past

Kirsty Paterson finds out more about Scotland’s first Heritage Awareness Day – and what you can do to get involved ...

Remember your first date? Maybe you arranged to meet outside a particular shop or went to the cinema.

Of those polled, 96 per cent said they are happier now than they have ever been.

Things retirees do not miss about being young

*Driving their children around, the daily commute and the stress of running a family home are just some of the things the over 60s do not miss about being younger, according to a recent survey.

Emotional day...for Graham Fraser who was able to walk his daughter Stacie down the aisle the day after he left hospital, having had his third liver transplant.

Two Scottish dads saved thanks to Organ Donor Register

During Organ Donation Week, which runs from September 4 to September 10, Julie Currie speaks to two Scottish dads whose lives have been saved by organ donors.

Image courtesty of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Public wants to steer clear of driverless cars

Driverless cars are on route to be the future for our roads – but many people don’t like the idea of letting technology take the wheel.

That's my girl...Niamh Yates' diagnosis in January 2012 resulted in her mum Julie launching the Facebook support group.

Scottish landmarks take part in Glow Gold campaign

Julie Currie discovers how a parents’ support group founded in Scotland is helping to raise awareness of childhood cancer.

Rare breed...with only 35 believed to exist in Scotland, the wildcat is the rarest animal in the world - 70 times rarer, in fact, than the giant panda. (Pic Adrian Bennett)

Video footage proves Scottish wildcat is NOT a myth

Recording one of Scotland’s few remaining wildcats on camera was “a bit like looking at a unicorn”.

Handcrafter Bakka knitwear from Shetland is among the exhibits

Craft showcase at festival

Craft Scotland have created a way for people to escape the hustle and bustle of the Edinburgh Festival this year.

Some brits though the Leaning Tower of Pisa was taller than London's Big Ben

Time to brush up on general knowledge?

Which is taller - the Empire State Building or Mount Everest?

Charity advises owners to micropchip their cats

Cat owners reminded of importance of microchipping

National charity Blue Cross has reminded cat owners to microchip their pets now or risk losing them forever if they stray.

Fish and Chips - copyright LearningLark on Flickr

National Fish and Chip Day - the verdict on the ideal chippy

Whether you love salt and sauce or mushy peas, one thing’s for sure Brits are a nation of chippy lovers.

Top 10 weirdest items found in storage units

Top 10 weirdest items found in storage units

A sunday dinner left in an oven, a samurai sword and a secret designer wardrobe have been revealed as some of the most surprising things Brits have left behind in storage facilities across the UK.

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