Forfar on film for piece of collaborative theatre

FORFAR Dramatic Society’s latest project – Forfar Tales – will mix film with live theatre to present a unique piece of collaborative theatre.

The script for Forfar Tales has been created by members of the Society and developed from the memories and stories of local people.

As the script came together, members of the company identified some stories and scenes that could be better told on film than on stage. The easy option would have been to drop these stories, or find ways to make them work as part of a conventional play.

But that wouldn’t be the Society’s way! They saw this as both a challenge and an opportunity. Would it be possible to create a multimedia show? What would be the technical requirements of showing film in the midst of a stage play? And would Society members – particularly those in the youth theatre – want to expand their experience by acting for film? These questions were quickly answered and the Society is now busy creating a number of film sequences that will add a new dimension.

Film will allow the audience to meet some characters who are no longer with us, but were very significant in the lives of their families. It will also transport the audience back to war time Forfar and a children’s adventure up Bummie. Finally, it will allow members of the company to share some childhood and musical memories. And it’s not just film! If the company has the projection facilities to show films, it can also project still images. With support from Angus Council, club members are drawing together images of Forfar past and present that will form part of the backdrop to Forfar Tales.

This innovative use of media will make Forfar Tales in to a piece quite unlike any that the Society has staged before and one which is not to be missed.

Forfar Tales will be presented at Lochside Leisure Centre from Wednesday, May 11 to Saturday, May 14 nightly at 7.30pm.