Celebrating Tennessee Williams

Irene Macdougall.
Irene Macdougall.

Dundee Rep Theatre’s celebration of Tennessee Williams’ work continues with an evening of four short astonishing plays.

Performed by Dundee Rep Ensemble, ‘Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen’, ‘This Property is Condemned, ‘Mr Paradise’ and ‘Auto-da-Fé’ are four perfect little gems in which the themes, despite their length, are timeless.

Dundee Rep Ensemble members John Buick, Ann Louise Ross, Millie Turner and Thomas Cotran play a diverse set of characters in these four one-act plays, directed by Dundee Rep Ensemble’s Irene Macdougall, which explore passion with daring honesty.

From the mid 1930s Williams was a prolific writer of poetry, short stories and short plays. It is in these mini-dramas, full of poetic insight, that he began exploring his life-long theme of the search for salvation and happiness in an imperfect world.

Irene Macdougall said: “Williams’ empathy and understanding for those abandoned by the world is remarkable. He gives his characters nobility that is belied by the sordid reality of their lives, and a voice which rises above the ashes of their existence.”

The tour takes in various community venues including The Dibble Theatre, Carnoustie on Wednesday, October 29 at 7 p.m. (tickets on sale at Fobel, Park Avenue, Carnoustie).