Beautiful theatre

THE STATIC is a kinetic coming-of-age story about desire, guilt and mind over matter.

‘Most people’s thoughts stay inside their head. Not mine. My thoughts travel. My thoughts do things. Don’t believe me? Just watch.’

Following an award-winning debut in 2010, ThickSkin returns with a magnetic new play by Davey Anderson.

It has been described as “A beautiful piece of multimedia, multiform theatre by The List on Blackout.

The play will be staged at Dundee Rep on Friday, October 12, and Saturday, October 13, at 2.30pm on both days.

Tickets cost £12 or £10 for the unemployed, young people and students at £8, friends at £9 and children at £7. A Dundee Student Pass costs £5.

There will also be a free post-show discussion on Friday, October 12.​