The Famous Bervie Chipper is famous for a reason

bervie chipper off the A90
bervie chipper off the A90

Located at the side of the A90, just to the south of Brechin, The Famous Bervie Chipper is a diner’s dream.

Ample parking spaces and a decent menu choice await visitors to the restaurant and take away venue.

Myself and my colleague, Shona Brown, visited the establishment on Thursday afternoon.

We were both quite taken with the Christmas decorations in the restaurant, and loved the atmospheric festive tunes playing in the background.

We opted to sit at a seat near the window, and I was pleased to note that the noise from the dual carriage is nonexistent inside the restaurant.

We were given a menu and shown the specials board before our drinks order was taken, and delivered to the table very quickly.

Shona opted for a steak pie supper and I went for one of the curries on the specials board - cauliflower and potato being my final decision.

We were both offered a side of bread and butter, which I opted for before because it does make a nice addition to a curry.

The meal was prepared fresh for us, and you could really taste the quality as a result.

Shona’s steak pie was a generous size, and there were plenty of chips to accompany it.

The pie was delicious, and it didn’t fall apart once cut into. The level of gravy was just the right amount - not too much and not too little - and was a great accompaniment to the good sized pieces of steak.

The chips, which smelled delicious, were very tasty and fluffy on the inside.

My curry was absolutely delicious. I’m not a fan of really spicy dishes, but I do like a little bit of a kick.

The curry was wonderfully spicy without being overpowering. The vegetables, which included lovely roasted cherry tomatoes, were cooked wonderfully. They were soft, but still a little bit firm.

The rice that came with the curry was beautifully cooked. It was soft, without being stodgy and was subtly flavoured.

Immy Hussain, who owns the business, shared that it was cooked using onions to season and colour the rice, which gives it a lovely flavour. The dishes were great value for money, and I can’t fault the service, which was fantastic.