Spoiled for choice at the Bridgend in Brechin

Bridgend Bar in Brechin
Bridgend Bar in Brechin

A trip to Brechin’s Bridgend Bar on River Street for Sunday lunch was the perfect remedy to cheer up a dreary Sunday afternoon.

The lovely decorated lounge suite offered a welcoming atmosphere as we arrived at the start of what turned out to be a busy lunch service.

Staff greeted us warmly and allowed us to have our pick of the seats before taking a drinks’ order and highlighting the specials on offer.

It’s always a good sign when you are spoiled for choice, and I was struggling between three. There were two specials I had my eye on (roast beef and a sweet chilli chicken wrap) but my eventual main meal was battered chicken goujons with salad, chips and a garlic dip.

My partner dithered between the Brig Burger, which he had heard was wonderful, and the steak pie.

He settled for the steak pie with chips and, judging by the clear plate at the end, it went down a treat.

The steak pie smelled wonderful, and tempted me enough so steal a bite. The steak pieces were cooked to perfection and melted in the mouth.

The gravy was seasoned well too.

My main was a very generous portion and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t quite finish it off.

The salad was a nice light accompaniment and served with some cheese, which I always enjoy.

The goujons themselves were encased in a light, crispy batter and the chicken inside was succulent.

The garlic dip (there are others available) teamed well with the goujons, adding a nice garlicky kick without overpowering anything else.

The homemade chips were also a hit, and didn’t last long on either of our plates.

They were soft and fluffy on the inside, just as chips should be.

I had had my eye on the knickerbocker glory on the specials’ board for dessert, but there was just no possible way I could eat another bite.

Lunches are served at the Bridgend in both the bar and the lounge from Wednesdays to Sundays, between noon and 2 p.m.

Given how much both my partner and I enjoyed our meals, I can’t imagine it will be too long before we will be going back to sample the rest of the menu.