Quality lunchtime treats at the 5 ‘n’ 1

5'n' 1
5'n' 1

The 5’n’ 1 might not have been in town long but it has already established itself as one of our office’s most favourite places for lunch.

Already the take away has gained an excellent reputation for good food and quick and friendly service.

Their lunchtime deals are second to none and the prices, especially for the meal deals, are hard to beat.

For example a burger meal including, burger, small chips and a can of soft drink costs just £3.45.

And it’s not half good value! The burgers are always delicious and the chicken especially is highly recommended.

You get a choice if you would like salad or sauce and the helpings of both are more than generous.

The chips, it would seem, are some of the best in town. Certainly they don’t seem to last long as everyone in the office comes scrounging for them!

But if the burger meal sounds too much, and believe me, you won’t need dinner after it, there is also the choice of a wrap meal or a baguette/panini meal - all at great prices.

The wraps are especially popular with us and the Mexican, which includes cheddar cheese, jalepenos, roast chicken, red onions and sweet chilli dressing, comes especially recommended.

Also available at lunchtimes are a selection of light bites, salads and if you’re up for it, kebabs.

Another favourite in our office is the baked potatoes with the chilli and cheese going down particularly well.

The chilli is just right - not too hot and not too mild, with a generous amount of cheese. And while you can’t go far wrong with a baked potato they are usually cooked to perfection.

The 5 ‘n’ 1 is open each lunchtime from 11.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. which gives you plenty time to get in before or after the school hour rush - because it’s always packed full.

The 5 ‘n’ 1 is also open during the evenings from 4 p.m. to late with a full menu including pizzas, kebabs and curries.

There are also a couple of special meal deals that continue the theme of good value for money.

Children are also catered for with their own section of the menu and all kids’ orders include a drink and a toy.