Music festival

COAST Nightclub in Arbroath is to stage a two-day music festival featuring more than 30 bands on April 28 and 29.

It will show-case the talent of a selection of local groups including Lights out Dresden and We Were Poseidon who will share the bill with other signed acts including Underground Heroes, Hip Parade and Floods of Red.

In addition to guitar music there will be entertainment from four DJs, alongside a number of stalls.

The majority of the performances will take place in the main room of the venue.

The event is only open to people aged 18 and over.

Other confirmed bands include A Day Overdue, Grader, Hounds, Kitty the Lion, Team 85, Wecamefromwolves, TMTATC, Hopeless Heroic, Press to Meco, The Pacific, Isles, Maxwells Dead, Drawn to Ruin, Third Floor Incident, Duke, Bear Arms, the Hostiles and Seams. Those appearing on the Coast stage include Waiting on Jack, Our Future Glory, Vladimir, Seventy three on Saturday, Billy Mitchell (The Twist), Darren Campbell, Terrafraid, Maze McPunkley and Jonny Smith. The event is being promoted by Andrew MacDonald.