Montrose Folk Club joins in the festival

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MONTROSE Folk Club has arranged a special concert for Friday, May 27 at the Links Hotel, Montrose, when the guest of the Club will be Dick Gaughan.

The concert takes place on the Friday evening, rather than on the preceding Tuesday, so that it may lead into the events of Montrose Music Festival which runs over the weekend of May 28 and 29.

This will be only a third appearance in Montrose for Dick Gaughan. Having been on the road as a professional musician for 30 years, he is arguably Scotland’s greatest living folk singer. He first rose to national prominence in the seventies as a member of The Boys of The Lough. From there, he became a founder member of Five Hand Reel, an electric folk group, which enjoyed considerable critical acclaim.

In 1981 he emerged as a leading solo performer with the release of the album entitled “Handful of Earth”, which contained definitive versions of songs such as the Leon Rosselson ballad of social turmoil, “The World Turned Upside Down”. Handful of Earth is widely regarded as the best folk album of the eighties. In fact, it came out top in a critics’ poll held by Folk Roots magazine to determine the most influential record of that decade.

Although indisputably a political performer, Dick surprised many commentators with his next record release entitled “A Different Kind of Love Song”. This included the definitive version of his song entitled “Both Sides of the Tweed”, which has been recorded by numerous other performers. “Both Sides of the Tweed” is an anthem to reconciliation.

Dick Gaughan is a committed lover and supporter of Scotland, whilst not tolerating any anti-English feeling. A typical performance by Dick will feature some of his own songs, alongside Burns and other traditional material, as well as songs by the best contemporary writers, including such as Woody Guthrie, Brian McNeill and Si Kahn. He is an outstanding and passionate live performer. The chance to hear him live in Angus should not be missed. The doors at the Links Hotel will be open at 7.30 pm on Friday, May 27, with Dick Gaughan on stage at 8pm.