Letham panto fun

LETHAM Drama Group are performing their annual pantomime in the village hall this week with a tasty helping of ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

The story is traditional but with some twists and a few additional characters showing up to add to the fun and intrigue and it’s all centred on Letham and its environs.

Letham Drama Group has staged a string of very successful pantomimes over the last decade and this show has the potential to add to that number.

The script, written by a long serving member of the group, has adapted the story of the Gingerbread Man to incorporate the traditional with the modern, the costumes provided by Utopia Costumes reflects this as does the scenery painted by the Dawn Crighton.

There is the usual mix of characters: The Dame (Andy Beckett ), the would be villain played by Douglas Wren and the principal girl and principal boy are played by Alex Smith and Eilidh Collins respectively.

The singing talents of Ella Clapperton and Katie Hogarth and Kelly McCubbin intersperse the scenes for added entertainment. Geoff Bray turns up as a very unlikely Detective trying to track down the runaway Gingerbread Man while Aggie (Catherine Parker) causes all sorts of mayhem in Pantoland aka Letham.

The chorus and other characters add to the spectacular.

All the characters have names which fit nicely into the storyline and this adds to the overall entertainment.

With all the expected gags, jokes, slapstick, special effects, songs and dance routines there is a terrific night’s entertainment.

The show runs this week from Thursday, January 24, to Saturday, January 26, at 7.30 p.m. and 2 p.m. for Saturday afternoon matinee.

Tickets available from The Spar Letham and see Facebook or www.lethamdramagroup.co.uk for further information.