Kirrie Trad Angus sessions return next week

This year’s Trad Angus sessions open this Tuesday, at Three Bellies Brae, Kirriemuir, with the regular local session as well as fiddler Karen Hannah.

Tuesday’s session will be held between 8p.m and 11p.m. and the entire programme will run for the next four weeks.

This is a grand opportunity to hear live informal Angus traditional music, dating from the 1800s right up to present day compositions.

These are played on fiddles, mandolins, concertina, tin-whistle, ‘mouthie’, bodhran and Scottish small pipes, as well as guitars and performed by local singers.

Karen, this week’s well-travelled special guest, has a wonderful driving style of playing, with great use of the fiddle bow on fast tunes and a gentle touch for the slow airs and songs.

Further information is available online at

All events are free, and all musicians, singers and listeners are welcome just to enjoy the music, or perhaps join in with a song or a tune.