Charismatic singer at Montrose Folk Club

Jeff Warner, photographed at Strawbery Banke Museum, Portsmouth, NH.''Photograph by Ralph Morang
Jeff Warner, photographed at Strawbery Banke Museum, Portsmouth, NH.''Photograph by Ralph Morang

MONTROSE Folk Club returns to its normal Tuesday schedule next week in the Links Hotel, Montrose, when the guest will be Jeff Warner from New Hampshire USA.

In fact, Montrose Folk Club will have concerts two weeks running on a Tuesday since the appearance of Jeff Warner on November 13 will be followed a week later by the concert featuring the outstanding singer/songwriter and folk troubadour, Allan Taylor. The season will be completed on Tuesday, December 4 with a guest appearance by rising stars of English folk music, Belinda O’Hooley (formerly a member of The Unthanks), and Heidi Tidow.

Jeff Warner is one of the foremost performers and interpreters of the music of North America.

The songs of Jeff Warner from the lumber camps, fishing villages and mountain tops of North America connect 21st century audiences with the everyday lives – and artistry – of 19th and 20th century Americans.

Providing more than just rich entertainment, Jeff Warner leaves you with a deeper appreciation of the society of North America. His songs, rich in history and a sense of place, bring the latest news from the distant past.

Jeff is a native of New York City but has lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, since 1996. He has a wonderful rich, deep voice, and accompanies his songs on guitar, banjo, concertina, and several “pocket” instruments, including bones and spoons.

He is the son of the noted USA folk song collector, Frank Warner, an America equivalent of the English folk song collector, Cecil Sharp. Jeff grew up listening to the songs and stories of his father and of the traditional singers, met by his parents during their folk song collecting trips through rural North America. Jeff is a very funny, entertaining and charismatic singer, performer and storyteller.

Everyone is welcome to hear him at Montrose Folk Club next Tuesday (November 13) when the doors at the Links Hotel will be open at 7.30 p.m., with Jeff on stage at 8 p.m.