Lovely balance of spices at The Swan in Brechin

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The Swan Restaurant in Brechin, which specialises in Indian cuisine, is a great restaurant for nights when you want something a bit different.

My partner Ryan and I went for an evening meal on Thursday.

The atmosphere in the Swan is always something I’ve enjoyed. There is music in the background, played at volume which is not distracting from conversation, but not too quiet that it’s deemed unnecessary.

Having visited the restaurant previously, I already had my order planned out before I setfoot in the building.

We were greeted by a friendly member of staff and our orders taken very promptly.

I opted for my usual choice of chicken tikka masala with pilau rice. As I didn’t opt for a starter, I ordered chicken pakoras as well.

Ryan opted for scampi, which arrived with a very generous helping of french fries. The scampi was encased in a lovely, crisp batter and tasted excellent.

The french fries were also similarly praised for theirflavour, and an empty plate was indication enough that the meal was enjoyed.

My chicken pakoras arrived with an accompanying dip that complemented the battered chicken very well, with enough hint of spice in the sauce that didn’t overpower the taste of the pakora, which was made with lovely moist chicken.

My chicken tikka masala was deliciously rich and creamy, with a great combination of spices.

I do enjoy spicy food, but I much rather a dish builds the spices rather than overpowers in the first bite, and this dish definitely fitted the bill for me.

The chunks of chicken were tender and cooked very well.

The rice had a subtle flavour through it, and had been cooked beautifully.

Neither of us had much room for a dessert (particularly given that I failed to finish my main).

After our dishes were cleared, we were given orange segments which was a nice way to freshen up our palates.

The Swan also offers buffet nights on Wednesdays, which are extremely popular and booking is advisable by contacting 01356 625148.

The buffet night is a great way to sample different dishes if, like me, you don’t want to risk a whole dish of something you’ve never tried before.