Greatest polymath

Join Jonathan Miller at the Gardyne Theatre, Dundee this Friday.
Join Jonathan Miller at the Gardyne Theatre, Dundee this Friday.

THE GARDYNE Theatre in Dundee will welcome one of our greatest polymaths on Friday, March 15 for “An Audience with Jonathan Miller.”

He says his reputation rests on “being pathetically susceptible to someone knocking on my door with a frisbee in their hand saying “Do you want to come out and play”.

Descended from immigrants who fled Tsarist anti-Semitism to become shopkeepers in Ireland and London’s East End, Miller was born into an intellectual millieu, between Bloomsbury and Harley Street. He has since forged a career as a leading actor, theatre-maker and self-taught opera director.

He is a satirist, humourist, public intellectual and TV personality.

As a creator of the seminal comedy revue, Beyond the Fringe, his writing helped launch the careers of Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and Alan Bennett. His talents and interests encompass many areas, from neuropsychology (he wrote and presented the controversial BBC documentary series The body in Question) to the arts, atheism, criticism and comedy.

Last year “In Two Minds”, the first comprehensive biography of him written by leading arts journalist Kate Kassett (the Independent) was published.

Jonathan Miller will be on stage at 7.30 p.m. Tickets details from the box office on 01382 434 940.