Delicious Indian food set in a relaxed atmosphere

Alma  Bar and Restaurant, situated at Laurencekirk's Alma Place.
Alma Bar and Restaurant, situated at Laurencekirk's Alma Place.

Having never visited the Alma Bar and Restaurant, situated on Laurencekirk’s Alma Place, we were not sure what to expect.

Thankfully we were not disappointed.

There was a small bar on the ground floor of the building but we were taken up to the restaurant on the top floor.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was relaxed, with Indian music playing softly in the background.

It was not too busy but service did feel a bit slow. We waited a fair bit just to order drinks. Once they were served we had to wait quite a while again before we could order our food - which wasn’t that much of a problem as trying to decide what to choose from the menu was tough.

We were warned that the kitchen was busy and out meal may take a while to come, and maybe we would like to have a starter but we declined this offer as we had poppadoms, with a selection of accompaniments, that we could nibble while we waited.

I am not usually someone who eats poppadoms but these were fantastic.

The wait for our meals was not overly long, indeed I would say our meals came in fine time, and what delicious curries we received.

I chose the chicken dopiaza which was one of the best I have tasted.

The chicken came in large chunks and the sauce was creamy. Unlike some Indians I have had the sauce was not swimming in grease. In fact I could not see any oil sitting in the sauce, something I hate.

It came garnished with corriander which I love and really added to the dish.

My husband chose the chicken pasanda, a mix of almonds and coconut, that was met with approval.

Again the curry was full of large chunks of chicken and the sauce was creamy and grease-free.

Both curries were served on a hot plate, heated by tea-lights. How effective this was I do not know but it added a bit to the experience.

To accompany our curry we had garlic naan bread which again were extremely tasty and, as there was no bread left at the end, was certainly enjoyed by us both.

The size of the meals was perfect too - not too large and not too small. We had only ordered one rice dish and could perhaps have done with two but that was our mistake.