Visit Polar exhibition at Discovery Point

A new exhibition commemorating the centenary of Captain Scott’s ill-fated Terra Nova expedition is currently running at Discovery Point, Dundee.

Race to the Pole showcases photographs and objects from the collections of Dundee Heritage Trust.

The exhibition coincides with the centenary of Scott and his companions reaching the south pole in January 1912, and their gruelling and ultimately fateful journey back, culminating in Scott’s last diary entry on March 29 that year.

The exhibition features stunning images of the Terra Nova, sledging parties, penguins and seals, vast icebergs, life in the hut at Cape Evans and portraits of the men including emotional photographs of the party at the South Pole.

Many are iconic images by Herbert Ponting, the most famous of all Antarctic photographers.

Making the selection of photographs from the Trust’s collection was no easy task.

Some of the most famous images are on display but there are also some less-known views that reflect daily life on the expedition.

There are also show-cases of archives and objects from the Trust’s collections including the remains of a cake sent to Captain Oates, wood from the Terra Nova’s wardroom, a pony shoe and poignant souvenirs relating to the death of Scott and his four companions.

A couple of the items have never been displayed before including a fascinating letter written in October 1911 by Sir Clements Markham, president of the Royal Geographical Society to William Colbeck who was captain of the Morning during two trips as relief vessel for the Discovery during the British National Antarctic Expedition of 1901-1904.

Also on show is a print of the famous 1913 oil painting, A Very Galiant Gentleman by John Charles Dollman, depicting Oates in a blizzard outside the tent.

The exhibition highlights the local links in that the Terra Nova was a Dundee-built whaling ship and that some of the planning for expedition took place at Glen Prosen.

The exhibition is in the Discovery Point Cafe Gallery until April 12.