Twists and turns are just magic

JESSE EISENBERG and ISLA FISHER in Now You See Me film 2013
JESSE EISENBERG and ISLA FISHER in Now You See Me film 2013

Louis Leterrier’s magic-themed thriller is extremely silky, fast paced and parades it’s four, Robin Hood-like, magicians as superheroes.

More of a heist movie than a magic one, Now You See Me follows the story of four, thrill-seeking, illusionists (played by Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco) who rob banks and give the cash to their poor audiences.

Mark Ruffalo plays the cop, paired with Interpol agent Melanie Laurent, who is constantly befuddled by the magicians and Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine play supporting roles as, out of character, businessmen who are the victims of the robberies.

I must admit, I find it hard to be impressed by magic in cinema. The basic idea that anything can happen on the big screen reduces the shock value of any illusion or magic trick. Aside from The Prestige, I can’t think of a ‘magic’ film that I have really enjoyed. Which meant I went in to this one very sceptical, but in fact I was thoroughly impressed by this escapade.

Although the ending is completely implausible and it often feels like it is trying too hard, Now You See Me is still an enjoyable two hours.