This week’s new cinema releases

Deborah Francois in POPULAIRE. In cinemas May 2013
Deborah Francois in POPULAIRE. In cinemas May 2013


In this modern Greek tragedy, two police officer brothers, Joe and Chrissie Fairburn, collapse under the huge pressure of living in the shadow of their father who was the former police chief and regales his sons with macho stories of instant justice and brutish police tactics.

While investigating the murder of a young girl, the siblings let emotions get the better of them commiting a terrible crime that they eventually must investigate.

The fear of being caught out, especially by their colleague, Robert turns their lives into hell with overwhelming feelings guilt and paranoia.


This much hyped release starring Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan is a vampire tale with a twist. Residents of a coastal town learn, with deathly consequences, the secret shared by the two mysterious women who have sought shelter at a local resort.


Set in 1950s France, Populaire tells the story of 21-year-old Rose Pamphyle who reveals a special gift - she can type at extraordinary speed. With the talent revealed at a job interview her potential boss says she must compete in a speed typing competition if she wants the job. A quirky, romantic film, Populaire has already receieved some excellent reviews.

The Big Wedding

There’s a lot of big names in this one, Robert DiNero, Susan Sarandon, Diane Keaton, but it’s still not saved the film from the wrath of the critics. The premise is that a long-divorced couple fakes being married as their family unites for a wedding. Seems like an easily forgettable rom-com.