Solo art show for Lynda

'Sunset' by Lynda Rossmann.
'Sunset' by Lynda Rossmann.

Despite her English roots and marriage to a German, Lynda Rossmann considers herself a Scot.

Over the last three decades she has cast her anchor in Scotland, making Angus home for her family.

She is a glorious blend of tranquillity and energy. Lynda Rossman is interesting – and interested.

Lynda has been painting for as long as she can remember and her first solo exhibition is currently running at the Bank Street Gallery in Kirriemuir.

Typical of her genre, Rossmann is quiet amongst strangers, unassuming. Like many an artist, she struggles to affirm her own skill, notwithstanding that her work hangs around the world.

In many ways, this show, Lynda’s first one woman show, is a reflection of that essential element of any artist’s apprenticeship – coming out!

Developing a reputation for her botanical watercolours, something of her personality is reflected in the meticulous and surreal aspects of her composition. She is an earth mother; grounded by all that she sees around her and moved to celebrate its beauty in unique ways. The exhibition runs until December 30.