Pictish and Celtic art

THE work of local designer Larry Scrimgeour is currently on display at Pictavia in Brechin.

This is his first public exhibition and showcases his talents in producing Pictish and Celtic inspired art.

The exhibition, which runs until Sunday, June 12, shows a series of designs which Larry has created and drawn himself.

“I have been fascinated since boyhood by the mysterious ancient art of my native Scotland,” explains the Blairgowrie-based artist.

“Without any formal training I began copying the patterns on tombstones and monuments, and am now able to produce my own, original work.

“All of the pieces exhibited incorporate a single strand motif, without beginning and without end, symbolising eternity and infinity. This is one of the outstanding features of Celtic art.”

Pictavia is the Pictish Heritage Centre located on the outskirts of Brechin.

Managed by Angus Council’s economic development department, it tells the story of Pictish life in Angus over a thousand years ago. Many events for children and adults take place at Pictavia over the summer.

For more details and opening times visit the website at www.pictavia.co.uk.