One of the most iconic horror films ever

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While in many ways it might now be completely dated, and in others it will never get old, ‘The Exorcist’ remains one of the most iconic horror films.

From the very beginning of William Friedkin’s 1973 film you know you are in for a horrific time.

‘The Exorcist’ is based on a true case of possession and a subsequent novel written by William Peter Blatty.

It tells the story of 12-year-old Regan, who lives with her mother in Washington DC, and how she becomes possessed after playing with a Ouija board.

It’s a bit of a slow build from the beginning of the possession to the full-on terror that awaits in the final third of the film but that’s one of the things that makes ‘The Exorcist’ so great.

Before you know it you are on the edge of your seat, fingernails bitten down to the quick and you just can’t even comprehend the thought of looking over your shoulder - and that’s all the things that make for an excellent horror movie.

Okay so the special effects might not be great compared to some of the more modern horror films, but what does that matter really? The horror here is the story itself.