Expansion to local arts space in Montrose

Wall Projects.
Wall Projects.

Wall Projects, which was created in 2006 by artist and curator Kim Canale, is set for expansion with a second, larger studio.

Kim holds several art shows in her home gallery each year, which has turned out be a popular alternative venue attracting art lovers and collectors from all over the UK.

The objective was to bring contemporary art to the north-east of Scotland that was engaging, challenging and thought-provoking.

Not all roads lead to Glasgow and Edinburgh, and it was this in mind that led Kim to bring emerging art stars of the future to Montrose as well as showing established artists at the peak of their careers.

Now, seven years on, Kim is opening up a larger second space - her own studio - in The Old Rope Works in Montrose, and with the help of the owners of the building Lynda and Neil Paton, has transformed the upper level into a studio/gallery space/venue.

Montrose Rope and Sail has new premises in Brent Avenue, and the “Old Ropey” which lay empty for four years has been given a new lease of life.

The space is perfect for an arts hub, and will hold exhibitions, workshops and other events, alongside Wall Projects I in Wellington Street, Montrose.

An exhibition of work by some of the artists who have worked with Kim over the past seven years will be on show to the public from Saturday, November 26, and thereafter by appointment.

Artists showing will be Mauro Betti from Florence, Alan Gouk, Kim Canale, Anna King, Eva Ulrich, Naomi Bourne, Scott Mcmurdo, Stuart Buchanan, David Cook, Morag Cullens, Sharyn Agnew, Emma Paterson and Dion Salvador Lloyd.

The gallery space can be rented out for exhibitions to artists or groups. Please contact Kim Canale on 07714 368203 or Lynda Paton on 07766 746522 for more information.

A new website will also be coming soon.

Speaking on the Wall Projects Facebook page Kim said: “We are trying to put a small provincial town in the north east of Scotland on the art map with challenging, engaging and thought provoking exhibitions.

“I really want the community of Angus to support what we are trying to do, because it will benefit all of us.”