Exhibition grows on trees at The Meffan

There is still time to see the stunning and thought-provoking exhibition by Scottish artist Elaine Allison which is currently running at The Meffan in Forfar.

The family tree has been the productive starting point for many of Elaine Allison’s intimate and sensitive sculptural works.

One of the exhibits in 'Lost and Found' at The Meffan.

One of the exhibits in 'Lost and Found' at The Meffan.

Find out how the artist incorporates this into her work at her exhibition entitled ‘Lost and Found’.

Using this rich source, plus old family photos and a range of found objects, Elaine explores identity and the genetic, social and environmental forces that help to shape us all.

The found objects Elaine uses are poignant, acting as memento mori for the people who have discarded or lost them.

Their incorporation into works of art gives apparently worthless objects an implied value. The intuitive way in which these objects are combined at once reveals something of the artist’s character and leaves the way open for viewers to create their own narratives.

The works have a deep personal significance but translate readily to the universal, evoking shared memories and associations.

They are intricate and deeply detailed, giving the viewer plenty to contemplate and enjoy.

The exhibition runs until Saturday, April 26, admission free.