Excellent end to the ‘Cornetto Trilogy’

The World's End
The World's End

The final instalment in Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s self proclaimed ‘Cornetto Trilogy’ delivers exactly what you would expect from the duo.

Satire, testing relationships and, of course, an alien species looking to colonise the universe.

Gary (Pegg) is the thirty-something alcoholic who blows off his AA meeting to recreate the best night of his life with his old school friends in their hometown, Newton Haven.

Together with his reluctant buddies, Andy (Frost), Oliver (Freeman), Steven (Considine) and Peter (Marsan), they set out to complete ‘The Golden Mile’, a fabled pub crawl, that is until they realise that the town they once knew has changed for the worse.

Wright and Pegg take to apocalypse comedies like a duck to aqua zumba. There are laughs aplenty and you always feel the human side of their characters

In amongst all the alien bashing and puns, the film thrives on the heartfelt message of nostalgia , making the events relatable to the audience.

With equal amounts of action to Hot Fuzz and almost as many laughs as Shaun of the Dead, it falls somewhere inbetween the two, which is no mean feat.