‘Elf’ ticks all the festive film boxes

‘Elf’ was released just 10 years ago, that’s nothing in Christmas film years, but already it is a stalwart of the festive period and rightfully so.

Almost everyone loves ‘Elf’ - those that don’t are either avid haters of Will Ferrel, Elf himself, or humbugs that avoid Christmas cheer at all costs.

In fairly standard mental Christmas film form, it’s the story of an oversized elf that is sent from the North Pole to find his real family. Obviously when he finds his “real dad” chaos ensues.

But ‘Elf’ is a modern Christmas film that has achieved where many have failed: it appeals to all ages, it’s funny and it’s got Christmas spirit without being overly twee or sentimental. Watch the dross churned out on Channel 5 on Saturday afternoons at this time of year to see what I mean by “overly twee or sentimental.”

It’s one of those amazing films where half the fun is in knowing half the script yourself. You only have to glance at Twitter or Facebook when it’s on TV to see the amount of Buddy the Elf quotes pinging around in cyberspace. It’s the kind of Christmas film that brings people together - and surely that’s the point.