Distinguished artist

THE next exhibition at the Kinblethmont Gallery, near Arbroath, is entitled ‘When You Reach September’ featuring the work of Lys Hansen.

Lys Hansen is a distinguished international artist, born in Falkirk, of part-Danish, part Scots parentage. She trained in drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art, and later in Fine Art at Edinburgh University, simultaneously in Drama at the RAM, and also as a teacher at Moray House. She gained awards, commendations and distinctions in each of these fields. She has shown many exhibitions, both solo and group, both here and abroad, mainly in Europe. She is a prolific artist and her work and her life are full of exuberance and a passion for the life of the artist. She is a truly dedicated professional artist, who never stops. Major concerns of her work are conflict, sexuality, extremes of personal emotions, family and identity. This work shows always a sure and direct strength, founded on experience, work, learning and skill. Lys has worked extensively in Denmark and Berlin, lives in Blairlogie near Stirling, and has her studio at Braco in Perthshire. Recent exhibitions have been at the Cooper Gallery of the University of Dundee, at the New Hall Collection of the University of Cambridge, at the University of Stirling, the Bornholms Kunstmuseum in Denmark, in Poland at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, at the Humboldt University in Berlin and by special invitation at the Royal Scottish Academy. The exhibition is not a retrospective. The artist is too actively concerned with the present, too prolific, too dynamic for such a thing. The work is a set of examples drawn from themes and thoughts from a lengthy engagement with painting. It is a selection, and not a comprehensive collection at that. There is work from Berlin over many years, paintings from Ascq in northern France, memories of family sojourns on the Danish Baltic island of Bornholm, painted tree-pieces from home, to indicate the range and her central concerns. The enjoyment of life and exuberance, the concern for our central human condition speak through these works. The exhibition runs from September 1 to 16.