Young bird events end 2011 season

The young bird season continued with a 143-mile race from Witton Castle when nine members of Forfar Racing Pigeon Club entered 171 pigeons which were released at 7.30 am.

An excellent race followed and, in a close finish, pride of place went to the Macaulay & Ferguson partnership, with Gavin Ferguson recording a quickfire treble to take the top three places, just edging out Bob Baldie who was in fourth and fifth positions with Eric Galloway completing the top six with the first of three arrivals.

Members first birds with velocities were as follows:- Macaulay & Ferguson, 1434.50; R. Baldie, 1432.80; E .Galloway, 1431.80; D. & D. J. Liddle, 1426.38; I. Scott, 1413.03; M. Leggett, 1359.40; D. Smith, 1334.33; C. E. Bell, 1125.03.

The next race was from Ripon and seven members entered 143 birds for the 182-mile event.

The liberation was delayed due to rain until 12 30 pm and the leaders needed almost five hours to reach home.

Top of the result and also in second place was David Liddle, with Mike Leggett just a couple of minutes behind in third place just edging Eric Galloway into fourth.

A pair for Ian Scott completed the first six places.

The full result was as follows:- D. & D. J. Liddle, 1083.95; M. Leggett, 1077.24; E. Galloway, 1074.82; I. Scott, 1048.44; Macaulay & Ferguson, 1044.36; R. Baldie, 1039.59.

The weekly 100 Club winners were Andrew Baldie (No 71) and Graham Stewart (No 33).

The final club race of the season was from Wakefield and seven members entered 119 pigeons for the 214-mile flight.

The convoy was released at 7.45 am and with a favourable south west wind a fast race followed with the winners notching up fifty nine miles per hour.

In a split second finish Ian Scott just edged it from Bob Baldie, with David Liddle in third place.

Ian Scott then timed a pair within three seconds to claim fourth and sixth places split by another to David Liddle in fifth place.

The full result was as follows:- I. Scott, 1735.18; R. Baldie, 1735.02; D. & D. J. Liddle, 1734.87; Macaulay & Ferguson, 1727.85; E. Galloway, 1697.90; M. Leggett, 1546.02; C. E. Bell, 1125.73.

This result meant Bob Baldie clinched the young Bird average and points trophies, while David Liddle won the best combined average and Ian Scott the combined points trophy.

With the club racing over the final event of the season was the Young Bird National race from Leicester and seven local members entered the race and gave an excellent account of themselves competing against over two thousand entrants from all over Scotland.

In a very fast race the first local pigeon was to Mike McPherson, winning 40th in the open result, followed by David Liddle in 44th and Gavin Ferguson in 50th position.

Eric Galloway, Ian Scott, Mike Leggett and Bob Baldie also had pigeons well up in the final result.

The final 100 Club draw took place and the winners are as follows:- £100, Nicola Peet (No 14); £75, Dave Smith (15); £50, Bob Baldie (35); and £25, Jillian Stewart (6).