West head Cricket Club by a point

THE West End Bar continue to hold a narrow advantage at the top of the Forfar Domino A League.

But the Cricket Club are breathing down their necks, the two front-runners having pulled five points clear of the field.

In the B League, the Queen Street A are the new leaders, a point clear of the Plough A.

Last week’s results were as follows:-

A League - Legion 5, Cricket Club 11; Strathmore B 11, Victoria A 5; West End Bar 9, Commercial 7; West End Social Club A 7, Strathmore C 9.

B League - Queen Street A 16, Masons 0; Thistle Bar 10, Vine & Monkey 6; Plough A 8, West End Social Club B 8; Victoria B 5, Plough B 11.