Vandals strike as races continue on Forfar Loch

FORFAR Sailing club was targeted by vandals last week.

The incidents were discovered last Tuesday. Those responsible had broken a window, torn two boats covers, damaged a wire mast support and caused cracks at the bow of a Laser which will need extensive repair.

All members should check their boats as it is possible other damage, not necessarily obvious, has been caused.

After a delay Gayle Adams presided over a three strong fleet racing to decide lower places in the first Tuesday series.

In a flukey westerly Graeme Knox (Laser) took an early lead in the only reasonable breeze at the start while Craig Knox (Laser) did the opposite and capsized on the line, leaving him alongside Jim Green (Solo) where he remained as the wind strength receded.

Graeme was first in the race to Jim’s second, but second overall in the series to Jim’s third as Tony Cook had already established first.

There was no racing on Thursday (Tony Cook having also taken the first Thursday series), however several members at the training evening brushed up on the rules and learned what to do in some of the unusual circumstances which the loch throws at them.

Sunday was another final date for a series and again lower places were up for grabs, Tony Cook having also added this trophy to his list for the year.

Charles Morrish and Eleanor Geddes, having arrived for a visit, were lent an ancient, restored Firefly by David Smith who had decided to take his Enterprise for a spin with daughter Catherine as crew lining this up against a sister boat under Tony Walker and crew Jordan Sutherland.

Jim Green was again solo Solo while three Lasers - Peter Tait, Graeme Knox and Craig Knox - made up the remainder, the former of this pair to decide overall placings.

Race Officer Sally Heron started them into a moderate westerly that was far from steady in both speed and direction.

With sail power and planing conditions the Lasers were soon at the front and favourites. Fortunately for the Lasers Charles was not in his favourite Enterprise as, even in a borrowed, old, restored classic, he was still fast enough to pace Tony Walker and the pair regularly jousted until Tony capsized at a mark (giving Jordan his first real time capsize).

Jim was far from slow but on a bad tack shipped a boatload of water which in a Solo is virtually game over, while David found the Enterprise to be a hard task mistress in breezy conditions.

A silly capsize cost Graeme the race and he had to settle for second to Peter in first while Craig took a commendable third followed by Charles, Tony, Jim and David.

The second race was in similar conditions, however this time Peter was on form and unchallenged at the front while Graeme had to pull out all the stops to overtake Craig who had taken half time advice and, after a little tuning, accelerated considerably until he had a silly swim.

Charles and Tony remained in combat for some time, Jim remained a lot drier and David commendably upright. The results were tighter on handicap, however Peter and Graeme held Laser pride for first and second, Charles taking third to prevent an Olympic class clean sweep with Craig fourth followed by Jim, Tony and David.

Graeme’s second place was just enough for him to take second overall in the series with Peter a close third.

There are still places available at the club training dates on May 21 and 22, see the club website for details and applications.