Trophy winners at Fothringham

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The Fothringham Cup final saw David Pate, Rick Leith, Alan White and Jim Hill win 7-6 over Mary White, John Smith, David Wotherspoon and Louise Nicoll.

Two teams represented the club in the Angus Province competition and Peter Pan but unfortunately there were no cards present so no report on either of the games.

Neill Smith, Louise Nicoll, David Dandie and Mary White won 7-6 against David Pate, Jo Fletcher, David Wotherspoon and Anne Donald in the mixed league.

Adrian White, Sheena Carcary and Fiona Howie won 13-2 on the ice but Adrian was a player down so Carolyn Nicoll, Hamish Smith, Kathleen Kilgour and Alan White were awarded six shots to make the final score 13-8.

The closing bonspiel saw two rinks battle it out. Anne Donald, Alison Orr, Sheena Carcary and Mary White won 9-8 over Alison Wylie, Anne Shaw, Fraser White and Martin Gledhill.

Layla Wylie, David Wotherspoon, David Warden and Adrian White won 9-3 over Jim Hill, Jill Donald, David Pate and Juaad Wylie and won the trophy.

The 2013-14 competition winners and runners up: Club Trophy - Adrian White, Alan White. Mixed - Alan White, Adrian White. Pairs - Fraser White, Hailey Duff. Kitchen Design – Hailey Duff, Louise Nicoll. Lady Hay – Jo Fletcher, Rick Leith. Fothringham Cup; David Pate, Mary White. Syme Trophy – Alan White, John Smith.

The annual general meeting is to be held April 7 at 7 p.m. at Inverarity Church Hall.