Training weekend is smooth sailing at loch

Peter Tait helping trainees with boat-rigging.
Peter Tait helping trainees with boat-rigging.

Malcolm Heron saw off six other boats on Tuesday evening at the latest Lintrathen Loch race.

The competitors set off towards the east for the upwind mark but unfortunately Susie Sturrock in a Topper was over the line at the start and had to go back and start again.

Malcolm, in his newly acquired GP14, made a good start and was in first place at the upwind mark.

His crew, Sally, raised the spinnaker on the downwind leg but it did little for their performance in the light breeze and Murray Hadden in his Laser caught them and briefly took the lead on the reach. MaHe He then pulled away again on the second upwind leg and continued to increase his lead.

Meanwhile, Becci and Hannah Oosterhoorn in their Enterprise made good progress upwind but not enough to catch the GP14.

The wind had increased slightly for the second lap of the Loch and this time the GP14’s spinnaker filled and drove the boat further ahead of the others.

Dave Sturrock sailing a club Laser was making steady progress and moving through the field.

Jim Green with crew Cait Adams in the Wayfarer had been trailing some distance behind the pack but took a line down the middle of the Loch on the final downwind leg and found some breeze that allowed him to pass Becci, Anna Sturrock in a Laser Radial and Murray.

Malcolm was first across the line by a good margin and was even further ahead when handicap was accounted for.

The results were: 1st Malcolm Heron GP 14; 2nd Dave Sturrock Laser; 3rd Jim Green Wayfarer; 4th Anna Sturrock Laser Radial; 5th Becci Oosterhoorn Enterprise; 6th Murray Hadden Laser; 7th Susie Sturrock Topper.

Meanwhile, the club’s first training weekend for new sailors went well.

The wind on Saturday proved fickle and challenging for the newcomers to work out.

However it allowed them to get through most of the classroom activity on the first day.

On Sunday the wind was steadier, allowing the trainees to put into practice what had just been theory the day before.

Two of the trainees were sailing happily around the loch by themselves and recovering capsizes as the wind grew more challenging in the afternoon.

The other trainees did well and are looking forward to coming back to the club to hone their skills before going out by themselves.

As always the club is indebted to the volunteers who make these activities possible.

The second and final training weekend for people new to sailing is the last weekend in June, some spaces are still available.