Tides of change witnessed at Lintrathen Loch

With the weather changing, the fishing at Lintrathen has varied from very good to dismal as the fish took exception to the drop in temperature.

Early on they were up in the top foot of water and taking Hoppers, Bibios, various Dancers and small black flies. A number of anglers had limited bags in these conditions.

On the cooler days they went down 2/3 feet and could only be tempted by dark lures and gold heads fished on sink tip or intermediate lines.

With the advent of gales last weekend all boats were pulled out of the water and the loch was closed on Sunday.

Club results: Glenrothes AC - two boats, six fish for 13lbs 4ozs. Individual boats: Tom Melville - five for 10lbs 14ozs; Danny Lennon and partner - four for 9lbs 4ozs; John Browning - four for 8lbs 4ozs; C. Potter - five for 10lbs 6ozs; Dave Moncur and J.Souter - five for 9lbs 4ozs; P.Lock and partner - five for 10lbs 8ozs.