Solid week for Linrathen Loch

Lintrathen Loch continues to fish very well with some nice catches recorded over the past fortnight.

Anglers have reported fish being up very near the surface on the warmer days but going down a few feet when the air became colder.

Best flies were Glister-bodied Cormorants, dark-bodied Hoppers and Snatchers, Pearly Invicta and green- and black-bodied lures.

Fish were being taken on intermediate lines fished very very slowly.

During early afternoon, some fish were being taken on the surface with floating lines and dark flies.

Club results:-

St Fillans AC - one boat, eight fish for 17lbs 5ozs; Kingfisher 20 - six boats, 43 for 94lbs 8ozs; Grampian Police - two boats, 32 for 63lbs 8ozs; Leslie & Glenrothes AC- eight boats, 54 for 127lbs; Banks of Scotland - five boats, 24 for 49lbs 6ozs.

Individual boats:-

Sandy Fairfoul & partner - eight for 18lbs 5ozs; Mr Milne & guest - eight for 16lbs 9ozs; Brian Simmonds - four for 9lbs; Mr McLuskey & guest - eight for 18lbs; J & C Morris - eight for 19lbs 4ozs; Jim Hardie - three for 5lbs 14ozs; Messrs Lennon & Robertson - eight for 19lbs 7ozs; Brian Simmonds - four for 10lbs 8ozs; Andy Lawrie - three for 6lbs; R Davidson - four for 10lbs 2ozs

B.Roberts - four for 9lbs 8ozs; Messrs Morris & Viach - eight for 17lbs 2ozs; Messrs Anderson & Boag - seven for 20lbs; Messrs Melville & Galloway - eight for 18lbs 4ozs; Stuart & Moira Ferrier - six for 12lbs 2ozs; D Carr & partner - eight for 19lbs; J Christy & J Beattie - eight for 19lbs 13ozs.