Season continues for Forfar racers


The young bird season continued for members of Forfar Racing Pigeon Club with a 182-mile race from Ripon.

Ten members entered 175 pigeons which were released at 7.30 a.m.

Dave Glen had his team on form and took the first three places. Eric Galloway had the next two arrivals followed by David Liddle in sixth place. Ken and Theo Droog were seventh followed by another to Dave Glen. David Liddle had another two to take ninth and tenth places and one each to Mike Leggett and Eric Galloway completed the top twelve.

The full result was: D. Glen 1244.96; E. Galloway 1228.19; D. J. Liddle 1176.90; K. Droog and Son 1176.57; M. Leggett 1174.51; J. McKay 1167.98; D. Smith 1145.46; Macaulay and Ferguson 1124.80; I. Scott 1124.58.

The final club race of the season was from Wakefield and the race was delayed by 24 hours due to unfavourable weather.

Twelve members entered 118 birds for the 214 mile event and following an 8 a.m. liberation with a helping wind the leaders made speeds of over 50 mph.

In a close finish, Dave Glen led the way once again taking first, second and fifth positions with David Liddle in third and Ian Scott in fourth place.

Just 17 seconds separated the first five pigeons. David Liddle had a second arrival in sixth place with Eric Galloway seventh followed by another two for Dave Glen. Another three for Eric Galloway completed the top 12.

The full result was: D. Glen 1573.01; D. J. Liddle 1572.59; I. Scott 1572.13; E. Galloway 1558.81; M. Leggett 1546.55; Macaulay and Ferguson 1527.18; J. McKay 1412.66; D. Smith 1383.39; R. Greig 1302.33; K. Droog and Son 1268.88; C. E. Bell 1255.19.

The season came to an end with the Scottish National race from Leicester with over 70 pigeons entered by Forfar members as part of a convoy of almost 1,900 birds. Unfortunately, due to poor weather in England, the liberation was delayed until 12 p.m. giving the Forfar entries just eight hours of daylight to cover the 288 miles.

Only six pigeons made it home before darkness with the first of those timed by the in form Dave Glen to win third place in the section and 36th in the open result when once again the race was dominated by the south east corner of the country.

The next arrival was to David Liddle followed by another two for Dave Glen and then one for Mike Leggett. Dave Glen had another arrive in near darkness just before the race closed at 8 p.m.

Although conditions were far from favourable the next morning, Eric Galloway had two arrivals just after 7 a.m. which also made the open result with the majority of the other pigeons making it home during the day.

The final draw for the 100 Club took place and the winners are as follows; £150 Maureen Edwards (No. 88), £100 Pat Bell (21), £75 Andrew Baldie (51), £25 Bob Baldie (95) and £10 Ollie Peet (64).

The Breeder Buyer competition was won by Dave Glen with his own pigeon. Second prize went to Ian Scott with a pigeon bred by Bob Baldie and third was John Jack from Elgin with a pigeon bred and raced by David Liddle.

This brings the racing season to a close and although the weather disrupted racing on occasions there were a number of highlights for members with the most memorable being the first national winner timed by a Forfar member when Dave Glen was victorious in the Ypres race.