Sailing round-up

Four sailors turned out for Thursday’s Pursuit race, sporting four different classes of dinghy and four separate start times. The wind was moderate, generally from the north but veering and backing with occasional gusts.

Anna Sturrock was first off on her Topper, followed, eventually, in turn by David Smith (Firefly), Jim Green (Solo) and David Sturrock on the Club’s Laser. The Firefly contrived to miss the first mark and so lost time in the correction allowing Jim to overtake.

The wind then dropped virtually to zero, but the Laser found some zephyrs and came from the back to second. The wind returned, all boats picked up speed but after 50 minutes the placings remained unchanged.

As might be expected from a member of the UK National Junior Topper squad (the top 24 juniors in the country), Anna was unassailable with Dad David second, Jim third and David Smith fourth.

Another four boats competed in the two races on a glorious Easter Sunday. A variable, shifty wind from the East had Alan Cairns and Murray Hadden frequently hiking on their Laser’s toestraps, David Smith single-handling a Firefly was equally disposed to hike, and even Jim Green in his Wayfarer with a crew as ballast had an occasional near miss with inversion. However these moments were often interspersed with light airs and patches of calm.

At the first start everyone was well out of place, Jim even further, late getting away from the shore. A poor first leg by the Lasers meant they were tailed for some time by the (supposedly) slower boats until Murray eked out a lead, only to have this thwarted when he sailed into a hole and was caught and gradually overtaken by Alan. Jim’s late start put him last on handicap, although not by much, while Murray picked up third and Alan second. David the dark horse kept in touch and was duly awarded first on corrected time.

The second race in similar conditions saw the Lasers get clean away and Alan, usually fast in light airs, finding form to accelerate to a commanding lead. Jim and David were often in close proximity until the inevitable collision on the last lap. Jim was the offender and the resulting two-turn penalty and confusion of a missed mark put him out of contention into last. This time Murray held off David on corrected time - by a second – however Alan was a comfortable first.

Racing continues as normal this week.