IT was a lovely sunny Tuesday evening at Forfar Sailing Club, a northerly breeze with the occasional gusts.

Graeme Knox (laser) was first of the mark dashing ahead, only to be over taken by Malcolm Heron (laser) shortly after.

Graeme did his best to catch Malcolm but to no avail.

Behind was a tussle for third, fourth and fifth place.

Colin Tannock (laser), Tony Walker (Solo) were battling it out.

David Smith in his fire fly did some amazing manoeuvres trying to stay upright, after being hit by a gust of wind.

They then all ran out of wind as the wind dropped. This changed things and Colin nearly caught Graeme, but Graeme dug in and pulled away.

Meanwhile Tony and David made great gains on the leaders. As the wind picked up Tony and David overtook Colin and there was nothing he could do about it.

Final outcome:- 1, Malcolm; 2, Graeme; 3, Tony; 4, David; 5, for Colin.

Although programmed for a Pursuit Race, Thursday evening proved also to be a bit of a training night.

In dreich east-coast weather and a reasonable breeze, Colin Tannock launched his Wayfarer with two erstwhile trainees, Josh Forbes and Torquil Varty, for crew, bravely planning to race against the Lasers of Craig and Graeme Knox.

An estimated handicap time of two minutes for the Enterprise-suited Wayfarer turned out to be very miserly, as it was easily caught by the Lasers.

However, Colin’s intention was more to show the trainees the racing ropes than to fight the single-handers, who were enjoying their own fight anyway.

After the first lap chivalry prevailed, whereby Craig and Graeme sportingly re-started the race, giving Colin a further two minutes’ start, and even more sportingly contrived to collide a few minutes later during a gybe that Craig didn’t get quite right!

Colin and crew pulled away during the mayhem, but were again caught by the Lasers just at the end of the lap.

Graeme by this time had established a decent and increasing lead, but Craig took advantage of some wind lifts to claw back to within a few boat-lengths of his father, and that remained the situation until race-officer Jim Green sounded the 50-minute gun.

The weather on Forfar Loch for the seventh and eighth races of the first Sunday race series of 2012 on May 20 was blue skies and a variable strength wind coming from all directions.

Eight boats took to the water and included Murray Hadden, Peter Tait and Dennis Burgin in the Lasers, Angus Beyts in a Harrier, Sally Heron in a Solo,

David Smith in a Firefly, Jim Green helming a Wayfarer with Ella McKay and Elysia Forbes crewing for Jim and last but not least Malcolm Heron helming a Wayfarer with Josh and Paula Forbes crewing.

Early in the first race the boats split into two packs with Angus, Peter and Sally in the lead pack.

The wind varied from a breeze to a flat calm and seemingly coming from all directions.

Angus eventually took first place with Sally in second and Peter third.

The following pack saw a number of keenly fought duels with David eventually securing fourth place, followed by Malcolm, Jim, Murray and Dennis.

For the second race the wind was slightly more predictable resulting in the boats more strung out than the first race.

Sally proved the master of the conditions with first place, followed by Angus, Peter, Malcolm, Murray, David, Jim and Dennis.