Tuesday sailing at Forfar is becoming renowned for light winds, and last there was virtually none.

“Tony and Brian’s Drifting Adventure” would not have been Enid Blyton’s thoughts on the matter and, though Tony Cook and Brian Finnie may have read adventure tales written by this author as children, only determination made them sail, and only experience made their Laser and Europe actually move for first and second respectively.

Thursday brought similar conditions and, on this rare occasion, Forfar Sailing Club mirrored Olympic sailing by cancelling a race through lack of wind!

Traditionally at this time of year turn out for racing is low and, with torrential rain overnight, a damp start to the day and the likelihood of another dearth of wind Sunday saw only club hard core racing members on loch and in race box alike.

Craig Knox, race officer, was glad to see a light westerly wind spring up to at least allow him to set courses for both afternoon races.

This wind remained relatively light with the odd slightly stronger gust thrown on for good measure, and in these conditions Tony Cook (Laser) thrives so he took two deserved firsts.

Tony was not as far ahead as usual, which gives slight hope to Graeme Knox (Laser), who certainly does not thrive in those conditions. He id not see his rival completely sail away and who managed two seconds.

Jim Green, despite being the only Solo, continues to get seemingly faster and was pipped into third on each occasion.

David Smith, still a relative newcomer, is now regularly racing and single handed his classic Firefly, practising for what will hopefully soon be podium places.

Racing continues on Tuesdays and now also on Thursdays.