LAST Tuesaday evening brought a tricky light wind on to Forfar Loch, leaving Forfar Sailing Club race officer Tony Walker to decide whether it was from the north, east or west.

In the end he decided west most likely, although not certain.

Four Lasers all wanted to be in the same place at the same time, Tony Cook and Alan Cairns on Port tack, Craig and Graeme Knox on Starboard.

Craig had right of way but, with inexperience, and far too gentlemanly a nature, he did not push the point and as the start horn sounded he was over the line.

Graeme mistakenly thought he was too and they both went back while the other two made off.

Jim Green, in his Solo, was the only other class in the race and he kept clear of any fighting and further trouble.

Craig never recovered and although Graeme somehow returned to the battle, in a dying wind he was never going to overtake Tony while Alan, with what at times appears to be magic, sailed where no dinghy should have gone to remain in or near the lead.

In the end it was the least aggressive sailor, Jim, who won on handicap usurping Tony Cook’s normal mastery of the light wind placing him second followed by Alan, Graeme and Craig.

The same five boats raced in similar conditions and pursuit format on Thursday.

Jim sailed well but Tony had the bit between his teeth while Graeme was determined to make a challenge, and this sparring pair finally overhauled the Solo.

Craig had his best sail of the season (though he may not think so), threatened the leading Lasers and was very unlucky to fall into a hole - just as he was about to overtake the Solo!

Alan, in a complete turn of fate, was off the pace and at the rear at the final whistle.

Having been forced to cancel a training day the club was very busy on the weekend of June 11 and 12 when ten adults and five children took to the water for a weekend’s tuition by club members.

Adults used the club Wayfarers and a couple of members were kind enough to use their own Enterprises to give all as much time as possible on the water, hile the kids made a colourful gaggle of Toppers.

Commodore Tony Cook was in charge and the weekend went extremely well, made even better by Jean Cook and Sally Heron on Saturday and Shona Wood and Cait Adams on Sunday providing much needed refreshments in the clubhouse.

Although a youngster himself, Craig Knox became a favourite with the youngsters and was commended for his charge of the Topper fleet.

Racing continues as usual during the week. Royal Tay Regatta is this weekend and racing members can try salt water sailing while locally the club has an open day on Sunday where new members can hone skills recently learned.