Obliging fish at Lintrathen Loch

The recent weather certainly has not been encouraging for the summer anglers but the fish have been obliging up at Lintrathen Loch.

While limit bags have been few and far between, the bulk of the anglers who ventured out have all gone home with at least a couple of nice rainbows in the bag.

By the bailiff’s count there is still a fair head of rainbows in the loch, which bodes well for the last two weeks of the season and they should overwinter well.

Brownies have been giving good sport recently on top of the water, with floating lines and traditional loch wet flies doing the best.

Clubs and members fishing the Backwater have also reported good sport with brownies coming out at around the 8-12 ozs mark. N.C.R. club had 23 brownies on their recent outing to the Backwater.

Club results: Brax AC - two boats, 12 fish for 21 lbs 1oz; Dundee Hydro AC - four boats, 19 for 37lbs; Perth War Memorial AC - two boats, 7 for 15 lbs 2ozs; Kingfisher 20 - five boats, 16 for 35lbs; Blairgowrie & Dist. AC - five boats, 20 for 38lbs 10ozs.

Individual boats: Tom Melville & Jim Galloway - four for 7lbs 12ozs; Mr Moser & guest - four for 8lbs 8ozs; Chic Anderson - four for 9lbs 8ozs; Mr Bell - four for 9lbs; Messers Graham & Christie - eight for 15lbs