Kathleen helps Scots to fishing gold medal

Kathleen Shepherd and the rest of the Scottish team.
Kathleen Shepherd and the rest of the Scottish team.

A Forfar woman has helped Scotland to gold in a recent fly fishing international event in Wales.

Kathleen Shepherd finished fourth overall at the fixture in Wales on Thursday, May 22 as part of the Scottish Ladies’ Fly Fishing Team in only her third cap fishing for Scotland.

The Scottish oufit won the tournament, bringing gold back from a foreign water for the first time in 23 of the 25 years ladies’ fly fishing has been competitive.

The team, 10ladies and one reserve, were managed by Jane Wright who was herself supported by coach and manager-elect Alan Hill.

They travelled to Wales a few days before the official practise day to become familiar with the water and try out a few methods to prepare them for the match.

It was one of the new methods developed by Alan that worked wonders on the day as the team overcame two significant obstacles en route to victory, with one angler being incapacitated after a fall and new cap Elizabeth Pringle fishing in her place, and another becoming unwell on the boat before she was returned to shore - bringing the number of anglers to nine.

Scottish rods took second, third, fourth and fifth places in the match with 44 fish weighing 76lbs 3.75oz ahead of England with 37 fish weighting 63lbs 4.75 oz.

Third place went to Ireland with 33 fish weighing 54lbs 12.5 oz and fourth went to Wales, with 33 fish weighing 53lbs 8.75 oz.

Anne Boyce was the Scottish top rod with 10 fish.

Pictured from left to right are - back row: Sheila Mannion, Liz McLelland, Liz Frazer, Anne Boyce, Jane Wright, Margaret Earle and Gill Forsyth; front row: Kathleen Shepherd, “Team Captain” Morag Wallace, Elizabeth Pringle and Alan Hill.