WITH the old bird season done and dusted it was now time for the young birds of Forfar Racing Pigeon Club to go through their paces and their first race was a 55-mile event from the new race point at Stirling.

A massive entry of 419 pigeons from nine members were released at 8.30 am and, as often happens at the short races the first drop and a quick trap are crucial.

It was Bob Baldie who took the advantage with a large group arriving after one and a quarter hours to give Bob the maximum first six places.

The members’ first birds with velocities were as follows:- R. Baldie, 1291.13; I. Scott, 1256.72; Macaulay & Ferguson, 1252.69; E. Galloway, 1210.16; D. & D. J. Liddle, 1204.46; M. Leggett, 1169.65; D. Smith, 1022.55; C. E. Bell, 974.51; R. Greig, 612.45.

The next race was from Airdrie and nine members entered 318 birds for the 68-mile flight.

Once again, it was Bob Baldie leading the result and, for the second week running, he claimed the first six places.

The full result was as follows:- R. Baldie, 1264.07; I. Scott, 1250.44; E. Galloway, 1226.62; D. & D. J. Liddle, 1203.86; D. Smith, 1192.42; M. Leggett, 1185.62; C. E. Bell, 1140.47; J. Flynn, 998.46; R. Greig, 973.90

The next race was from Stobs Camp near Hawick and ten members entered 300 pigeons for the 87-mile race.

As bad weather was forecast for later in the day the convoy was released earlier than normal at 6.45 am an,d for no obvious reason, a poor race followed with long gaps between arrivals and around half the entry still posted missing at the clock check.

Top of the result and over half an hour clear of the next bird was Mike Leggett, timing one of his French imports after two and a half hours.

The in form Bob Baldie was in second place, with one for Ian Scott not far behind in third place.

Eric Galloway took fourth position, followed by David Liddle in fifth and Gavin Ferguson completed the top six places.

The full result was as follows:- M. Leggett 1030.77; R. Baldie 831.49; I. Scott 821.79; E. Galloway 820.86; D. & D. J. Liddle 817.49; Macaulay & Ferguson 816.77; D. Smith 796.41; J. Flynn 678.51; C. E. Bell 658.23.

The next race on Saturday past was again from Stobs Camp and eight members mustered a much reduced entry of 155 birds.

The unsettled weather delayed the liberation until 2.40 pm but the wait was rewarded with the best race so far in the young bird programme.

Top of the list and second into the bargain was Ian Scott, just holding off David Liddle, who timed a quickfire four to complete the first six places.

In contrast to last week most of the entry were home within an hour of the winners.

The full result was as follows:- I. Scott, 1420.69; D. & D. J. Liddle, 1419.92; .R Baldie, 1415.33; Macaulay & Ferguson, 1412.65; E. Galloway, 1383.18; D. Smith, 1344.90; M. Leggett, 1339.83; C. E. Bell, 1038.72.

There are now just three races left in the club programme, with the first of those from Witton Castle on Saturday, followed by Ripon and Wakefield.

The latest 100 Club winning tickets are Jayme Flynn (51), Les Dalrymple (23), J. R .Bell ((48) and Amy Stewart (19).