Great day for primary rugby

It was a sunny day at Carnoustie rugby pitches when the P4/5s turned out en masse with 20 players all keen to get out and play for their club.

Due to the numbers on both teams it was decided to put two teams out for each club.

The Sharks got off to a great start with O. Voice scoring in the first 10 seconds of play. Carnoustie responded with some great passing and dodging and scored three tries.

As the Sharks began to bond tries were scored by two of their youngest players, C. Watt and L. Falconer. Tries were also made by A. Thomson, N. Donaldson and L. Lumbasi.

The Sharks were slow to start in the second half with Carnoustie scoring first but then the Sharks responded well with great passing and tackling and some brilliant runs by L. Fullerton, A. Brunton and A. Thomson. It was a great day for the Sharks and all credit to the Carnoustie P4/5s for giving them a great day and making it a joy to watch. Carnoustie had some impressive runs and play and they should be proud of themselves.

Credit also goes to the new Sharks players for showing a massive improvement on their game skills. The coaches were very proud. Thank you for your hard work.

Team: N. Donaldson, A. Brunton, A. Thomson, C. Hunter, F. Urquhart, O. Voice, A. Porter, L. Fullerton, K. McInally, F. Hill, M. Colvin, C. Hunter, C. Watt, C. Hill, L. Falconer, L. Lumbasi, P. Allan, L.Reilly, and T. Markham.

The next match is Sunday, September 15 at home to Waid RFC. For more information visit