First club league games 
for Kirrie Ladies


The first of the club league games were played this week for the Kirrie Ladies.

Irene Mackie, Eileen Cramond, Elizabeth Keillor and Morag Burns were against Barbara Sherriff, Wilma McGibbon, Ruth Baynes and Katherine Cran.

The first end went to Irene with a single, the next four were Barbara’s taking her up to five shots. A three to Irene at the sixth brought her within striking distance of Barbara who went on
to claim a single and a three, winning the game 9-4.

Meanwhile Sandi Buchan, Frances Martin, Eva Bell and Jean Henderson were facing an uphill battle against Marnie Ewart, Jenny Arbuckle, Aileen McKenzie and Moira Estill.

It was the sixth end before Sandi got on the board with a two, by which time Marnie had gathered five shots. 
A further single to Sandi and a double to Marnie gave her the game by seven shots to three.

The friendly relationship between Kirrie Ladies and Kirrie Men was stretched to the limit when they met in the first Province League game of the season. Marnie Ewart, Barbara Sherriff, Sandi Buchan and Isobel Keillor failed to find their weight while the men were spot-on. So it’s two league points to the Men and condolences to the Ladies who lost 10-1.