David Liddle continues his fine run


The new racing season continued for the members of Forfar Racing Pigeon Club with a 130 mile event from Consett.

Despite the uncertain weather forecast 11 members entered 286 pigeons and the race control team managed to find a window in the weather to get a liberation at 11.00 a.m.

The leaders made good time and a pair for David Liddle took first and second places closely followed by one for Gavin Ferguson and partners.

Davie Glen was fourth and fifth with another to Gavin in sixth place.

The full result with velocities was: D Liddle 1426.72; Macaulay, Ferguson & Curran 1420.47; D Glen 1419.45; I Scott 1413.29; D Smith 1383.28; R Baldie 1376.47; E Galloway 1316.65; M Leggett 1304.57; J McKay 1259.32; K Droog & Son 1237.08.

The next race was from Ripon and with a good weather forecast there was an entry of 366 birds from 13 members for the 182 mile flight.

Released at 7.00 a.m. the leading arrivals were timed in three hours and forty minutes with less than a minute covering the first five arrivals.

Leading the way once again was David Liddle also taking second place with Dave Glen just seconds behind in third.

Bob Baldie was fourth and fifth and Gavin Ferguson and partners were sixth just heading off a pair to Ian Scott in seventh and eighth places.

Further arrivals for David Liddle and Bob Baldie completed the top ten positions.

The full result was D Liddle 1459.78; D Glen 1456.92; R Baldie 1455.78; Macaulay, Ferguson & Curran 1448.15; I Scott 1445.36;

E Galloway 1432.30; M Leggett 1429.52; D Smith 1426.73; J McKay 1408.85; K Droog & Son 1291.02; R Greig 1187.04; W Peet & Son 1065.97.

The latest race was scheduled for Wakefield on Saturday past but due to poor weather the convoy of 290 birds from 12 members was moved to Ripon where a liberation was possible.

The north east wind proved a stiffer test for the pigeons and the leaders took an hour longer to complete the race than the previous week.

The in-form team of David Liddle took the first two positions for the third week in a row with Davie Glen once again just behind in third and also fourth places.

David Liddle had another arrival in fifth place and Gavin Ferguson was sixth followed by a treble for Bob Baldie with another for Dave Glen completing the top ten.

The full result was: D Liddle 1140.20; D Glen 1138.52; Macaulay, Ferguson & Curran 1114.24; R Baldie 1111.05; D Smith 101.16; I Scott1079.59; E Galloway 1079.03; M Leggett 1069.73; K Droog & Son 994.96; J McKay 977.86; R Greig 974.17; W Peet & Son 847.65.

The latest 100 Club winners are Eric Galloway (No 57), Mike Leggett (74) and Dave Glen (82).