Competition heats 
up for Kirrie Men


The Redhurst Trophy Final was played on Wednesday past. It was a close competitive match between Dave Congrieve (skip), Scott Ritchie, Jim Grant and Mike Downie and Dave Urquhart (skip), Bill Keillor, Ian Melrose, and Mietek Lojewski.

For Dave Congrieve there was the extra challenge of, for the first time, skipping his own Redhurst team campaign all the way to the final. This was a considerable achievement on its own! However, the Congrieve Rink had no intention of settling for the runner-up’s mantle.

After some careful “tit for tat” exchanges through the early ends the Congrieve Rink nudged ahead having picked up three shots at the fifth end.

The lead was short-lived as the Urquhart Rink stormed back taking four shots at the next end and a brace at the seventh.

The score was 9-5 to Dave Urquhart going into the eighth and final end. As play progressed more and more Congrieve stones accumulated in the House but a couple of strategically placed Urquhart stones kept the Congrieve number of counting stones down to one.

The score at the finish was 9-6 to the Urquhart Rink but well done to the runner-up for a very close competitive game.

The second pairs semi-final was played last Friday. Dave Urquhart and Ian Melrose were pitted against Cameron McKiddie and Angus Redford. It was a close game with the rinks peeled at three apiece after the third end.

However, Cameron and Angus edged ahead over the remaining ends to win 9-5. They will play Ewan Cameron and Mike Downie in the final on Friday, March 21.

Last Saturday afternoon saw a club league fixture between the Thomson and Nicoll rinks. Gordon Thomson (skip), Gordon Elliott, Sandy Carle, and Neil Redford played Malcolm Nicoll (skip), Bill Keillor, Jim Strathearn and Mike Downie.

It was a low scoring game with the teams tied on five shots each after seven ends. In the eighth end the Nicoll rink situation was looking good as early stones were counting but a stone from Malcolm’s third, which was meant to be a guard, jostled the house and handed the advantage to Gordon.

The Thomson rink ended up taking four shots, the game 9-5 and the points.