Black belt delight for Brothock students

Brothock Karate Club Forfar.
Brothock Karate Club Forfar.

Instructors and members of Brothock Shotokan Karate Club travelled to Edinburgh last week for the annual Japan Karate Association (JKA) Summer Camp.

The three-day course culminated in a black belt grading examination in which seven members of the club, that sees classes take place in Forfar and Arbroath, all took part successfully.

Their success meant the students were presented with their 1st Dan black belts.

The candidates earned the chance to sit the black belt exam by training regularly over the last three to four years with the correct attitude and spirit, and had reached the required standard set within the club.

In addition they had attended a series of nine courses and had sat and successfully passed nine Kyu grading examinations with Sensei Kawasoe.

Instructors for the course this year were Sensei Kawasoe (8th Dan), Sensei Naito (8th Dan), Sensei Mori (8th Dan) and Sensei Kimino (8th Dan).

Students were examined on three fundamentals: basics (kihon), prearranged form (kata) and fighting (kumite).

The students are now registered with the Japan Karate Association as black belts, a worldwide recognised accreditation, and certificates will be sent from Japan in due course.

The successful candidates were: adults - Deborah Miller and Nicki Anderson; juniors - Arrianne Bennet (13), Beth Hodgens (14), Zoe Rennie (11), Lauren Thomson (10) and Fraser Martin (10).

Following the examination Sensei Kawasoe provided feedback to the Brothock instructors and commented on the high standard of Karate and spirit on display from the club members.

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