Axis holds first ever club championship

Angus Axis Gymnastics Club.

Angus Axis Gymnastics Club.

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Angus Axis Gymnastics Club recently held its first ever club championships at Webster’s Sport Centre on Sunday, May 25.

Results were as follows:

Five y/o beginner girls: 1st Kaede Robertson, 2nd Lily Ramage, 3rd equal Grace McGibbon and Louisa Mather.

Six/seven y/o beginner girls: 1st Ilona Graham.

Eight/nine y/o beginner girls: 1st Sophie Innes, 2nd equal Abi Innes and Millie McGibbon.

Ten/11 y/o beginner girls: 1st Ava James, 2nd Niamh Hyland.

Overall beginner girls: 1st Ava James and Abi Inness, 2nd Kaede Robertson, 3rd Niamh Hyland and Ilona Graham.

Junior beginner boys: 1st Struan Clunie, 2nd Oliver Hyland.

Senior beginner boys: 1st Harvey Mackintosh, 2nd Cameron Graham.

Overall beginner boys: 1st Harvey Mackintosh, 2nd Struan Clunie, 3rd Oliver Hyland.

Six/seven y/o intermediate girls: 1st Kaiden West, 2nd Kaie-Lee Disbury, 3rd Sarah Mackintosh.

Eight/nine y/o intermediate girls: 1st Isabella Barr, 2nd Hannah Courtney, 3rd Milly Houston.

Ten/11 y/o intermediate girls: 1st Beckie Fairweather, 2nd Rachel Deas.

12+ intermediate girls: 1st Tayler Rennie, 2nd Shannon Milne, 3rd Chloe Brown.

Overall intermediate girls: 1st Taylor Rennie, 2nd Beckie Fairweather, 3rd equal Shannon Milne, Isabella Barr, Kaiden West.

Senior intermediate boys: 1st Jacob Barr, 2nd Luke Olivier.

Overall senior boys: 1st Jacob Barr, 2nd Luke Olivier.

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