Annual awards for swimmers


Swimmers involved in the Forfar Amateur Swimming Club (FASC) November Gala received awards for their participation at the presentation dance held at the Reid Hall recently.

Maia Hill won the British Legion Cup for the seven and under girls and boys’ freestyle race.

The Round Table Quaichs for the eight and under backstroke were won by Joanne Lees and Jack Laird. Jack also won the Dorothy Roberts Trophy along with Rachel Allan for their breaststroke swims.

Rachel Adam won the Blair Cup for her eight and under 25 yard freestyle swim. Other medal winners were Hannah McSheffrey, Ellis Mackie, Kirsty Reid, Emily Morrison and Calum Brown.

For the nine/10 year olds, the Slinger Trophies for the 50 yards backstroke were won by Niamh Henderson and Rohan Brown. Rohan also won the Ritchie Cup for the freestyle.

The Round Table Quaichs for the breaststroke were won by Jade Doig and Nicholas Fletcher. Hannah Murray and Euan Duguid won the Ramsay Ladder Trophies for the 25 yard butterfly.

Hannah Murray also won the Cooper Trophy for the girls’ freestyle. The medal winners in the nine/10 age group were Lauryn Millar, Ethan Brown, Euan Cromar, Morven White, Niamh Anderson, Beth Steele, Emily Richardson, Grant Brown, Zara Hill, and Jaden Green.

Niamh McSheffrey was the winner of the backstroke Coronation Rosebowl for the 11/12 girls. The boys race and May Trophy was won by Mac White. In the breaststroke, Calum Kelman won the Glamis Trophy and Molly Sinclair won the Round Table Cup. Molly also won the Ramsay Ladder Trophy for the freestyle.

The ABP Cups for the butterfly were won by Chloe Reilly and Jack Green. Jack also won the Ramsay Ladder Trophy for his freestyle swim. The medal winners in this age group were Leah Hill, Cameron Murray, Luke Millar, Becky Laird, Matthew McSheffrey, Becky Laird and Becky Wilmshurst.

The 13/14 girls age group was closely contested with Erin Brown winning both the Tesco Cup for her 100 yard breaststroke and the Strathmore Cup for her butterfly swim.

Lucy Richardson won the Shepherd Cup for the freestyle whilst her sister Kirsty was a winner of the Round Table Quaich for the breaststroke.

Alex Guthrie, Jade Wilkie and Karri Milne also won medals.

Ellie McCallum won the Allardice Cup for the 15 and over girls’ 100 yard breaststroke and the FASC Cup for the backstroke. Callum Brown was the boys breaststroke champion and winner of the Ferguson Trophy.

Ryan Nicoll lifted the FASC Cups for the boys backstroke and freestyle. The FASC Cup for the girls’ freestyle was won by Beth Milne, who also won the Chalice Cup for her butterfly. The Neish Trophy and boys butterfly race was won by Gary Nisbet. Holly Richardson, Zoe Wilmshurst, Calum Crompton and Zara McBean were all medal winners.

The 200 yard Open Backstroke swim and McLaren Cups were won by Beth Milne for the girls and Ethan Brown for the boys. The Round Table Quaichs for the Breaststroke were won by Ellie McCallum for the girls and Callum Brown for the boys. Lucy Richardson was the winner of the Captaincy Cup freestyle race, and the boys’ race was won by Ryan Nicoll.

The Technical Swim is a hotly contested competition where swimmers gain points for how well they swim all four strokes.

The results are not known until the presentation dance. The overall girls’ champion and winner of the Elder Cup, with 64.5 points was Erin Brown. Ryan Nicoll was the boys’ champion and winner of the Don Cup with a total of 63.5 points.

The nine and under competition was won by Hannah Murray and Ethan Brown. The 10/11 age group was won by Molly Sinclair and Mac Whyte. Erin Brown and Jack Green were the 12/13 age group winners.

The Sangster Trophy for diligence and hard work was won by Courtney Myles. Kirsty Richardson won the Special Achievement Award and Erin Brown was the recipient of the Centennial Shield, in recognition of their efforts and achievements over 2012.

All gala participants received ribbons and are all to be congratulated for their hard work and efforts this past year.

The coaches and Club officials would like to take this opportunity to wish all members all the best for 2013, and look forward to another year of individual effort and team work with Forfar Amateur Swimming Club.