Angus College students saddle up


MENTION the word “polo”, and most people think of Princes William and Harry, but it looks like the so-called “Sport of Kings” is galloping in a new direction.

For the first time ever, Angus College students are saddling up in preparation for a National Polo competition in England later this week. For the past three months, Gemma Waters, Sophie Smillie, Vikki Higgins and Dani Simpson, four Animal Care students, have been taking lessons from Scotland’s top Polo Coach, Thom Bell in Kinross.

After developing their skills on horseback with a mallet, two of the girls, Gemma and Sophie are preparing to travel to Rugby to take part in the Schools and Universities Polo Association Nationals Arena Tournament.

Thom Bell said: “It’s wrong to dismiss Polo as simply an elitist sport. All kinds of people can play and you don’t have to be an expert rider or own your own pony to do it. Over one hundred teams from universities and colleges around Britain will be competing in Rugby and the girls will have the time of their lives.”

Gemma Waters agrees. She said: “It’s a fantastic way to learn how to ride and although it’s not cheap, you could easily spend similar amounts of money on dancing lessons. We think it’s brilliant.”