WITH the wet and cold weather still continuing at Lintrathen loch, the anglers were having to work hard for their fish.

Most of the day the fish were holding down at three to four feet from the surface and intermediate, sink tip and slow sinking lines were the best approach.

The best flies were Vivas, various Dancers, Glitter Cormorants and also Traffic Light Cormorants.

During late evening and towards the end of the week, some success was being found with Buzzers and Black Spiders.

Club results: Dundee West End, seven boats, 49 fish for 73lbs; Perth RASC, three boats, 24 for 34lbs 14ozs; Blairgowrie and District, six boats, 38 for 56lbs; Loanhead and District, ten boats, 69 for 95lbs; Arbroath AC, eight boats, 26 for 39lbs; NCR, six boats, 11 for 16lbs; Basford AC, four boats, 40 for 67lb 7ozs; Dunfermline AC, four boats, 27 for 47lbs 4ozs; Raighmore AC, two boats, 20 for 39lbs; Khats Whiskers, five boats, 40 for 67lbs; SAIA, five boats, 44 for 73lbs 13ozs; Perth Ex-Servicemens AC, four boats, 12 for 13lbs 13ozs.

Individual boats:- Mr McAlistair & partner, seven for 10lbs 8ozs; Tom Melville & Moira Ferrier, seven for 14lbs 8ozs; Jim Stanger (Aberdeen), five for 8lbs 14ozs; Andy Laurie (Banchory), five for 8lbs; Willie Grant & Ian Robertson (Alyth), ten for 15lbs; Messrs Christie & Fraser, nine for 16lbs; Mr McAlistiar & Mr Fraser, ten for 18lbs; Mr Foster, five for 18lbs; Messrs Lennon & Grant, ten for 19lbs 1oz; Willie Milligan (Kirriemuir), five for 8lbs 3ozs.